Assembly bill 31 provides incentives for cities with

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Unformatted text preview: a24/news-room/press-releases/item/2977-beall-authors-high-speed-rail-bill-to-spur-jobsand-economic-development;DKE) [Assemblymember Jim Beall, Jr. introduced legislation Monday to revitalize districts surrounding high-speed rail areas by promoting residential and retail development that generate jobs and discourage urban sprawl. Assembly Bill 31 provides incentives for cities with proposed high-speed rail stations to obtain greenhouse gas emission credits, institute and expand enterprise zones around the stations, and help them qualify for federal matching funds to plan for transportation-oriented development. “With AB 31, we have the opportunity to revitalize areas around the train stations by incorporating a mix of residential, commercial, and retail development that can make those districts the centers of their cities,’’ said Beall, a former Metropolitan Transportation Commission chairman who proposed the creation of the Diridon Joint Policy Advisory Board to help guide the development of San Jose’s future high-speed rail station. “By ensuring housing and businesses near the high-speed rail stations,’’ said Beall, who w...
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