Building americas future falling apart falling behind

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Unformatted text preview: could grow. They built a transportation network that drove our economic development and established our leadership in innovative engineering, manufacturing, and design. In 1808, President Thomas Jefferson’s administration released the Gallatin Plan, articulating a 100-year vision for a national transportation system and proposing a $20 million ($324 billion in 2010 dollars) program to develop canals and roadways. This visionary blueprint by government officials and industrialists laid the groundwork for the construction of the Erie Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad. By improving waterway capacity and building canals, they created an efficient trade network and expanded our economic reach. Even as the country was torn apart by civil war, Abraham Lincoln appreciated the critical Our greatest leaders grasped just how vital it was to build strong infrastructure to protect national security and promote economic growth. The ceremony commemorating the driving of the golden spike to complete the first transcontinental railroad in North America, May 10, 1869.Building America’s Future: Falling Apart & Falling Behind 10 importance of unifying the east and west by a coast-to-coast railroad. With the leadership...
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