But after the end of the cold war the american

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Unformatted text preview: y-a-budget/149263-making-highspeed-rail-a-national-priority; DKE) [With dedicated funding, true high speed rail can become a reality and economic and environmental benefits can be realized. Constructing high speed rail will create new jobs and sustain long-term employment . New rail stations will spur economic development in the surrounding areas and promote livable communities. High speed rail also presents an opportunity to decrease our dependence on foreign oil.] Oil dependence makes US resource hegemony completely unsustainable – putting America on an inevitable collision course with other countries, ensuring great power wars Heinberg, Professor New College, recipient of M.K. Hubbert Award for Energy Excellence Education & Senior Fellow at Post-Carbon Institute, 2003 [Richard, The Party’s Over: Oil, War, and the Fate of Industrial Societies, 2003, p. 230] Today the average US citizen uses five times as much energy as the world average. Even citizens of nations that export oil – such as Venezuela an...
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