By ensuring housing and businesses near the high

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Unformatted text preview: s suburban sprawl Goozner, chief financial, and chief economics correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, June 25, 2012 (Merrill, Gooznews,; DKE) [“Smart-growth” environmentalists and new urbanists that push for walkable neighborhoods also advocate for more transit projects. They see them as a way to discourage suburban sprawl while building the infrastructure needed for higher-density, “in fill” development.] High Speed Rail increases accessibility – proximity and network expansion Center for Transit Oriented Development, leading national entity dedicated to providing innovative practices, policy reform, research, analysis, and investment tools to support TOD implementation, 2011 (CTOD, Rails to Real Estate: development Patterns Along Three New Transit Lines, March 2011,, Access: 7/1/2012) AGI {The Hiawatha Line opened in 2004, the first in a series of major transit investments planned for the Minneapolis - St. Paul region. The corridor connects a series of important regional destinations including downtown Mi...
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