By estab lishing a lasting market for passenger rail

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Unformatted text preview: and Re- covery Act. Among those firms are Ohio- based Columbus Steel, Missouri-based American Railcar Industries, and other Midwestern firms.32 Yet, many firms will be reluctant to build plants in the United States without evidence of a sustained com- mitment to high-speed rail. Streetcar manufacturing illustrates how domestic markets can support local busi- nesses. In recent years, several American cities, including Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, have implemented modern streetcar systems, using streetcars manufactured abroad. In fact, no streetcars had been made in America since 1952.33 However, sensing the presence of a grow- ing market, an American firm, Oregon Iron Works, formed a streetcar subsidiary and has won contracts to produce streetcars for Portland and Tucson, with 70 percent of the components to be made in the United States and components coming from 20 U.S. states.34 Establishing a passenger rail manu- facturing industry in the Midwest could restore some of the manufacturing jobs t...
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