Chinas foreign ministry has long said it opposes

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Unformatted text preview: these global systems." Dr Ng said the China-US relationship is the most important relationship that will affect the Asia-Pacific region's peace and stability.) Loss of relations risk extinction William Ratliff, Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, 7-31-95, Washington Times Much of the growth and prosperity of the Pacific Rim countries in general – ranging from Japan and China through Southeast Asia to the United States and the Pacific Coast of South America –depends on peace and stability in East Asia. The United States and China must lead other nations in fostering this peace and stability. Today, this means cooperating on such varied issues as the potential nuclear threat of North Korea, the resolution of the China-Taiwan controversy and the exploration of – and safety of sea lanes through – the South China Sea, the superhighway of the Southeast Asian economic miracle. These matters will recur, and other problems unforeseen today will turn up, in the years ahead. So the...
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