Consequently supporting or opposing the presidents

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Unformatted text preview: tire Florida system) envisions the use of median strips of major expressways. Additionally, the vast majority (98 percent) of the non-rail mileage envisioned for HSR involves bullet-train or maglev technology. * Amtrak is a major participant in HSR development, offering service on 71 percent of the proposed routes. Only 21 percent of the railroad mileage identified has been "freight only" since 1971. * Some 12 percent of all existing railroad mileage identified for highspeed service is currently owned by public agencies, including various commuter-rail agencies and Amtrak. More than one-fifth of the mileage used by high-speed trains would be shared with commuter operators in these corridors: Boston-Albany, Boston-Portland, Harrisburg-Philadelphia, New York-Buffalo, New York-Scranton, and the coastal route from San Francisco-Los Angeles.] National projects are key – small projects can’t create the passenger demand needed to ease congestion BAF Ed Fund, bipartisan coalition of elected officials focused on US investment...
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