Contention 4 congestion congestion increases

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Unformatted text preview: apons of awesome power, the result could be the destruction not just of industrial civilization, but of humanity and most of the biosphere. Contention 4: Congestion Congestion increases emissions from cars Page, Staff Writer for Burlington Free Press, 2012 (Candace, A simple formula, June 23, 2012,, July 2, 2012; FAS) (The longer those cars are stuck in traffic — idling in jams on Main Street and Williston Road, or stuck at Essex Five Corners during rush hour — the more pollutants and greenhouse gases they emit. “Congestion and air pollution — they are synonymous,” says Dick Valentinetti, director of the state Air Pollution Control Division. Or, as University of Vermont environmental engineer Britt Holmen puts it, the general chemical equation for what happens when an engine burns fuel is “gasoline plus air converts to pollutants.” Autos and trucks emit a noxious mix of chemicals left unburned or created during combustion of gasoline and diesel fuel. Those emissions include carbon monoxide, a poison; toxic hydrocarbons i...
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