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Unformatted text preview: than New York alone. In the larger context, it becomes a very serious form of discrimination. As Laura Barrett, director of the Transportation Equity Network, quoted Dr. Robert Bullard in the Huffington Post: Nationally, only seven percent of white households do not own a car, compared to 24 percent of African American households, 17 percent of Latino households, and 13 percent of Asian American households. African Americans are almost six times as likely as whites to use transit to get around. In urban areas, African Americans and Latinos comprise over 54 percent of transit users (62 percent of bus riders, 35 percent of subway riders, and 29 percent of commuter rail riders). This argument goes beyond race, of course . The cuts exacerbate the exclusion of all the protected classes including low-income groups, immigrants, the elderly and the disabled, since their access to automobiles is that much more difficult. In fact, Bay Area Rapid Transit lost $70 million in stimulus funding in violation of civil rights laws for its Oakland Airport Connector project because it f...
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