Doing that will require not only visionary leadership

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Unformatted text preview: state and local government and the private sector must also do their share. And it need not all be new invest- ment because a significant amount of dollars should be forthcoming from the gas tax and other fees. But make no mistake: We cannot long stay atop the global economy without a significant new federal commitment. Inaction by the federal government would mean consigning our children and theirs to economic decline, and watching as other countries surge ahead and enjoy the fruit of their infrastructure investments for themselves. That would fly in the face of America’s history—and it would squander the America that our parents and theirs worked so hard to build. To remain the world’s economic superpower, to bequeath to future generations a country that is still on the rise, we must act with the same foresight and boldness that has always characterized American leadership. The foundations of our national economy are cracking—and it is not enough to repair the cracks. We must extend the foundation, stronger and wider, to support a new century of economic growth—and a new century of American gre...
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