Experiences in places like germany which built one of

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Unformatted text preview: -speed rail has been built around the world—and almost none is in the U.S. It is time for the U.S. to join the competition. But for high- speed rail to deliver, it must be truly highspeed, and it must run in the right places. Instead of trying to cobble together a national high-speed rail network through thinly spread funding across the country, federal energy and resources should focus on the regions clearly calling for new high-speed transit: the Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C., and Boston; the Los Angeles-San Francisco corridor in California; and the hub-and-spoke region around Chicago. We may not get all the routes we want, but we will get the high- speed trains we need. Of course, driving will continue to suit many Americans’ lifestyles. But as more Ameri- cans continue to concentrate in major metropolitan areas and congestion worsens, demand will increase for more local transit alternatives. Americans are already demon-strating interest in and support for new form...
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