High speed rails may not be effective in every part

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Unformatted text preview: d 29 percent of commuter rail riders). This argument goes beyond race, of course . The cuts exacerbate the exclusion of all the protected classes including low-income groups, immigrants, the elderly and the disabled, since their access to automobiles is that much more difficult. In fact, Bay Area Rapid Transit lost $70 million in stimulus funding in violation of civil rights laws for its Oakland Airport Connector project because it failed to study how the project would affect low-income and minority transit riders.] Solvency: HSR Creates Accessible Rail System Rail necessary for urban trans system, serves poor Sitharam, Chairman India’s Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning, 2012 (T.G., Deccan Herald, http://www.deccanherald.com/content/260945/commuter-train-track-take-future.html ; DKE) [Addressing traffic problems seems to be the guiding principle of urban transportation policies. Rail transit is a necessary component of a contemporary urban transportation system. Bus, rail, metro, mono rail and suburban rails have all got different uses for commuters. A vari...
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