High speed trains would lure riders who would

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Unformatted text preview: liable and more frequent it will also draw more passengers, further lowering per-passenger fuel usage. The more seats on a train are filled, the less fuel is used per passenger. Amtrak trains are typically about 50 percent full, compared with 70 percent for European high-speed trains.25 As rail travel in America is improved and draws more passengers, it is likely they will be carrying larger loads of travelers, raising the fuel efficiency of a trip on a train. Finally, the location of passenger rail hubs in downtown areas can encourage and support land-use patterns that reduce the need to drive, further curbing oil use. In Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, India- napolis, and elsewhere, train stations are centrally located near downtown busi- ness districts . A passenger rail station in a downtown area provides an inducement for businesses to locate nearby—just as airports spur development of office parks for businesses seeking close proximity to transportation and the construction of hotels and other traveler services. Solvency: US...
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