I thought they might say that no poor people should

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Unformatted text preview: ries in cities. But developers will only work on these projects if they can be distracted from the repetitive and predictable profits resulting from the effects of urban sprawl. Concentration of Poverty Recently I did a talk for a group of social workers, and I asked them if they considered the geographical concentration of poverty in a few areas to be a problem. I thought they might say that no, poor people should be able to live where they've always lived, or where they are comfortable because others are in a similar predicament. However, I learned that the social work community fully appreciates that the concentration of poverty means the concentration of problems, a lack of positive role models and the social networks that support obtaining employment, poor public schools for those who can least compensate at home, and the withdrawal from pockets of poverty of well-capitalized businesses that provide jobs, goods, and services. The effects of urban sprawl increase as the physical distance...
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