If everyone in the metropolitan area could look at

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Unformatted text preview: unity planner. Nancy earned a master’s degree in urban and regional planning, and has served as a planning director in city and county governments. Often her department has been responsible for capital improvements, community development projects, and code enforcement too. She also served as president of a consulting firm specializing in neighborhood plans and community development work.) Accessed July 4, 2012 The Effects of Urban Sprawl on Costs, Health, Environment http://www.useful-communitydevelopment.org/effects-of-urban-sprawl.html#.T_SjmZFQD4E If you don't drive, you're in for a tough time in most areas. Each metropolitan area offers a few pedestrian-friendly walkable communities where you can find shops, restaurants, banks, and some services, but often keeping a grocery store in these locations is a hard sell. So one of the effects of urban sprawl is that the road transportation system has to be lengthy, miles driven and traffic congestion are high, transit becomes cost-ineffective because overall density is low, and walki...
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