In addition existing amtrak service should be

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Unformatted text preview: lroads, but in any case, to create a truly world-class passenger rail system, the United States will need to invest far more than it has historically. As important as the lack of funding has been the instability of funding for passenger rail in the United States, which has made it difficult to undertake long-term capital planning and to build the investor confi- dence necessary to establish vibrant domes- tic industries to supply rail equipment . To ensure stable, continuing funding for high-speed rail, the next federal trans- portation bill should include a dedicated allocation of funds for passenger rail and the federal government should match state investments in rail at no less than the same 80:20 ratio it does for highways. By financing transportation projects equitably, states will be able to make rational transportation decisions based on the needs of their resi- dents, rather than on the chances of secur- ing a lucrative federal match. State leaders need to recognize the perverse effects that existing imbalances in federal al...
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