In fact us investment in europe 2 trillion was nearly

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Unformatted text preview: inal raison d'etre. Today, the threats to European security are strikingly different from those of the Cold War years . They include ethnic conflict on Europe's frontiers, mass migration and refugee flows, energy crises, nuclear proliferation, and transnational terrorism. Particularly in Europe, many experts see security challenges in global warming, international trafficking, resource scarcity, and failing states. A recent EU study concluded that increased tensions over falling water supplies in the Middle East will affect the continent's energy security and economic interests. In addition, global warming will exacerbate poverty and spur mass migration from Africa. Neither NATO's instruments nor its framework is right for these kinds of problems. Under the Bush administration this did not matter -- it saw NATO's role exclusively as part of the war on terrorism. The August 2008 conflict in Georgia, however, underscored that there are still threats to Europe's security within and on its borders that the continent's powers will have to respond to with instrumen...
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