It is impossible to know for sure whether or not the

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Unformatted text preview: s of mass transit: New light rail systems are thriving in places like Salt Lake City and Phoenix, and they were funded in part by local sales tax increases approved by voter initiatives. And as more Americans seek to fly through our already congested airports, we will need high-speed rail alternatives to get everyone where they want to go. Experiences in places like Germany— which built one of the leading high-speed rail networks in the world while maintaining the quality and accessibility of its famous autobahn—demonstrate that investing in alternate modes of transportation is a way to improve, not undermine, the quality of highway systems. A2: Counterbalancing Their balancing predictions are hype William Wohlforth (Professor of Government at Dartmouth College, where he is also the Chair of the Department of Government) Spring, 2007 "Unipolar Stability," Harvard International Review Vol. XXIX, No. 1 p 44 In all of these cases, real changes were occurring that suggested a redistribution of power. But in each case, analysts...
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