It looks like the transportation of the futurelike

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Unformatted text preview: ssor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College, 12 (Walter, 1-4-12, The American Interestvia meadia; DKE) [Republicans have what looks at this early stage like a lock on the House in 2012 and seem likely to win the Senate. That means federal funding for more high speed rail is as dead as the dodo for some time to come; without vast federal help no state can rationally make a commitment to visionary and expensive rail projects. It looks like the transportation of the future—like the energy of the future—will remain a dream in the minds of blue politicians and trendy urban planners for years to come.} Congressional budget battles killed Obama’s vision for high-speed rail funding; New visions and investment required to wake up the zombified plans for innovative high speed rail network Meggison, syndicated columnist – Clean Technica, December 11, 2011 [Andrew, American High Speed Rail is Not Dead – It’s More of a Zombie,”
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