Otoole counts passenger miles only for amtrak trains

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Unformatted text preview: ck, Maine, where construction workers are laying track that will provide the first rail service since the 1940s from Brunswick to Portland to Boston. Private dollars are also gravitating toward Brunswick’s station neighborhood, as investors have financed a number of businesses and residential condos, a new movie theatre, a new 60 room hotel, and a 21st century health clinic. Similar high-speed and intercity passenger rail projects across the country will create jobs not only in our manufacturing sector, but also in the small businesses that open near modernized train stations. They will connect large metropolitan communities and economies through a safe, convenient, and reliable transportation alternative. They will ease congestion on our roads and at our airports. And they will reduce our reliance on oil as well as our carbon emissions.> HSR is safe and reliable Todorovich, Director of America 2050, a national urban planning initiative to develop an infrastructure and growth strategy for the United States, et al, 2011 (Petra, High Speed Rail; a lesson for U.S. policy makers, pg 39;FAS) (High-speed rail systems around the world have experienced excellent safety record...
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