On the other hand the welfare of a nations citizens

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Unformatted text preview: rticipation, but private firms right now are seeing volatility and political strife, and that’s not an environment in which the private sector will want to participate,” he says. That’s why it’ll be critical for Congress to create a program to fund high-speed rail on an ongoing basis. And as long as the private sector is confident the federal government will pony up more funds for HSR development, there are plenty of firms interested in securing a stake in California’s project.>> Impact Module: Primacy Continued decline in competitiveness eradicates US primacy Lawrence, former member of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, 2002 [Robert Z., “Competitiveness,” http://www.econlib.org/LIBRARY/Enc/Competitiveness.html, Accessed 6/1/12] It is important to recognize that this relative decline of the United States has differing implications for American power and for American living standards. The power of a nation (i.e., its ability to influence the actions of other nations) flows in large part from its relative economic capacity—the economic performance of...
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