Private equity council president douglas lowenstein

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Unformatted text preview: tical analyst lives in Halifax) 9/23/2007 “Mad mullahs of Washington”, The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have already destabilized the region. An attack on Iran could create a nuclear firestorm, and the conflict could easily spread beyond the region. Only a daft fanatic could contemplate tossing a match into such a heap of gunpowder. Only a fool could look at the Iraqi insurgency and the recrudescence of the Taliban and still believe that you can win people’s affections by bombing them. The obvious lunacy of the idea should make it unthinkable. Alas, for the mad mullahs of Washington, its apocalyptic lunacy almost seems to be part of its appeal. A2: Impact Defense Competitiveness is key to the economy Business Wire December 15 2008 “Trade, Education, Public Infrastructure, Fiscal Policy Pose Biggest Challenges for U.S. Global Competitiveness,” "As they address the immediate financial crisis gripping the nation, policymakers must not lose sight of the serious underlyi...
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