Private dollars are also gravitating toward

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Unformatted text preview: w- ered at least partially with emission-free renewable energy . Currently, the Midwest’s electric grid is heavily dependent on coal, which makes electric rail less advantageous here than in many other places around the world, but as renewable electricity is increasingly incorporated into that grid, electric trains will offer greater advantages in terms of pollution reduction. By attracting travelers who otherwise would have taken cars or planes, building a high-speed rail network would be much more effective at reducing global warming emissions than our current passenger rail system . A study undertaken for the Mid- west Regional Rail Initiative found that 5.1 million car trips and 1.3 million airplane trips would be replaced by rail trips every year if the full Midwestern rail system is constructed. Once the system is operating at full capacity, the Center for Clean Air Policy and the Center for Neighborhood Technology estimate that it will reduce carbon dioxide by 188,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.56 That is equal to the an- nual pollution produced by 33,700 cars.57 Saving...
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