Reliance on foreign oil has imperiled our national

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Unformatted text preview: more emissions, but would still emit much less than cars and planes and would draw more passengers than current passenger rail.52 (See Figure 3.) Electric trains show the most potential for global warming emission reductions, even using today’s carbon-intensive elec- tricity grid. For example, a passenger on an electric train in Germany produces about 93 percent less air pollution than someone traveling by car, and 91 percent less than someone making the same trip by plane.53 The CCAP/CNT study surveyed the technology used on three different popular electric train lines, in France, Ger- many, and Japan, and found that all would produce lower carbon dioxide emissions per passenger-mile than a fast diesel train when powered by the U.S. electric grid. One especially efficient train, used on the German ICE line, would produce about half the emissions of America’s current passenger rail system.54 Electric trains are not only more energy efficient, but they are faster, and could eventually be po...
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