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Unformatted text preview: the U.S. is not stalled due to a lack of good ideas. It is stalled due to a lack of funding, or, more accurately, for a lack of interest in raising taxes to generate the funding. Most of what the president proposed is traditionally funded by the tax on gasoline. But as driving declines, and as more fuel-efficient cars mean we’re consuming less gas (it’s true!), there’s much less money overall.} The new transportation bill cut off HSR funding Doyle, Johns Hopkins University, Yale Law School, and Oberlin College graduate. Reporter for multiple newspapers, 6-29-2012 (Michael, House Republicans take stand against high-speed rail spending, June 29, 2012,, June 29, 2012;FAS) WASHINGTON – (The Republican-controlled House on Friday reiterated its intention not to spend new federal dollars next year on California's controversial high-speed rail program. By a 239-185 vote, cast almost entirely along party lines, the House approved language authored by Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock, meant to block spending on high-speed rail. The amendment was added to a transportation spending bill for the 2013 fiscal year. Current funding has no reform =failed manner G...
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