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Unformatted text preview: and work in tandem on many issues especially in trade and business. Impact Module: Terrorism Exts Strong U.S.-India relations are critical to fight global terrorism Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister, July 19, 2005, TEXT OF ADDRESS, http://usinfo.state.gov/xarchives/display.html?p=washfileenglish&y=2005&m=July&x=200507261027051CJsamohT0.3803217 Our commitment to democratic values and practices means there are many concerns and perceptions that we share with the United States. The most important common concern is the threat of terrorism. Democracy can only thrive in open and free societies. But open societies like ours are today threatened more than ever before by the rise of terrorism. The very openness of our societies makes us more vulnerable, and yet we must deal effectively with the threat without losing the openness we so value and cherish. India and the United States have both suffered grievously from terrorism and we must make common cause against it. We know that those who resort to terror often clothe it in the garb of real or imaginary grievances. We must c...
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