S high speed rail august 10 2010 lexis nexis july 3

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Unformatted text preview: can be greater than the amount of time actually spent in flight. Passenger rail—particularly high-speed rail—has the potential to link cities within the Great Lakes megaregion together in a faster and more efficient way. Easier travel within Midwestern states means that busi- nesses and organizations will effectively be closer together, making it easier to travel between branches, meet with potential employees and clients, and make the other connections that strengthen an economy. It will also make the Midwest a more at- tractive location internationally, attracting potential economic boosts such as tourism and international meetings. Internal: Investors Key to Competitiveness High Speed Rail key to competitiveness - attracts foreign investment Nussbaum,staff writer for Philadelphia enquirer, 2010 (Paul, Foreign firms see profits in U.S. high-speed rail, August 10, 2010, Lexis Nexis, July 3, 2012, pg 1-2; FAS) <<For foreign train makers, the market for passenger trains has been relatively small in the United States, limited largely to commuter agencies. But now, with the p...
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