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Unformatted text preview: omy and a high quality of life. The good news, however, is that well- designed high-speed rail lines around the world frequently turn an operating profit, meaning that they make enough money in fares to pay for their ongoing operation. In the very best cases, high-speed rail lines have been able to completely pay off the initial cost of construction through fare revenue. And in many cases, profits from highspeed rail operations can subsidize other important, if less profitable, forms of rail service. The experience abroad suggests that the United States can generally expect its high- speed services to pay for ongoing costs of operation, though it may take a few years for each line to achieve its full ridership potential. Answers To: Case Turns A2: Freight Tradeoff Coordination over freight access now and high freight driving now Schwieterman, director of Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at the University of DePaul in Chicago, Scheldt, Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, 2007 (Joseph, Justin, Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics, and Policy), pg 435 [Sever...
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