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Unformatted text preview: d rail program, President Barack Obama inserted $4 billion for high speed rail into his American Jobs Act .It is no secret that America’s rail program, that was once great, is now in shambles. Other developed and developing countries, such as China, have long surpassed the American rail program by building high speed services that connect cities and people across their nations.The hope was that the construction of a national high speed rail network would, in the U.S., provide Americans with an alternative means of transportation, provide jobs, and act as a spark in rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure. Ultimately, the national rail plan was seen by many as a monetary expenditure that the U.S. cannot afford and that was bogged down in some states, most notably California, by too much red tape.Rather than allow the Obama bill to pass, some legislators felt that the bill should be killed . Not as a means to end high speed rail in America for good, oh no, the action of killing the Obama bill would be used to restart the...
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