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Unformatted text preview: e Midwestern states: Illinois and Indiana.30 Illinois and Ohio both have large num- bers of rail equipment manufacturers. Il- linois has 23 facilities that manufacture or assemble passenger and transit rail systems and components, while Ohio has 13.31 If demand for passenger rail equipment increases, Midwestern manufacturers would likely expand production beyond the freight equipment they currently make. In December 2009, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that 30 firms had committed to expanding their operations in the United States if they receive con- tracts for high-speed rail projects funded under the American Reinvestment and Re- covery Act. Among those firms are Ohio- based Columbus Steel, Missouri-based American Railcar Industries, and other Midwestern firms.32 Yet, many firms will be reluctant to build plants in the United States without evidence of a sustained com- mitment to high-speed rail. Streetcar manufacturing illustrates how domestic markets can support local busi- nesses. In recent years, several American cities, including Seattle,...
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