Siemens plans to hire an additional 250 people at its

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Unformatted text preview: nomies involved doesn't affect this relationship, which means small, weak countries can enhance their defense capabilities simply by increasing trade with the world's economic giants.Experts, including Mansfield and Pevehouse, say intensive trade integration, perhaps more than any other factor, has led to an unprecedented five decades of peace in Western Europe. UQ: International Trade Hurt By Bad US Transportation Infrastructure Focus on metropolitan areas is key to addressing our infrastructure BAF, 2011 (“Falling Apart and Falling Behind”; FAS) pg.13 (Metropolitan areas are already home to the most congested highways, the oldest roads and bridges, and the most overburdened transit systems—and the strains on the transportation system are only bound to get worse. By 2035, an estimated 70 million more people will live in U.S. metropolitan regions. More people bring more commerce and greater transportation demands. Every American accounts for about 40 tons of freight to be hauled each year—so an additional 2.8 billion ton...
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