Similar high speed and intercity passenger rail

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Unformatted text preview: roposed routes. Only 21 percent of the railroad mileage identified has been "freight only" since 1971. * Some 12 percent of all existing railroad mileage identified for highspeed service is currently owned by public agencies, including various commuter-rail agencies and Amtrak. More than one-fifth of the mileage used by high-speed trains would be shared with commuter operators in these corridors: Boston-Albany, Boston-Portland, Harrisburg-Philadelphia, New York-Buffalo, New York-Scranton, and the coastal route from San Francisco-Los Angeles.] No Link – Freight truck decreasing SQ – Won’t tradeoff BAF, 2011 (“Falling Apart and Falling Behind”; FAS) pg.13 (The costs of an overtaxed transportation network are bound to get worse as more and more freight moves through the system. Demand for freight rail shipments is increasing at a steady clip: freight tonnage is projected to increase 88% by 2035.9 By 2020, every major U.S. container port is projected to at least double the volume of cargo it was designed to handle. Some East Coast ports will triple in volume, and some West Coast ports will quadruple.10 We risk debilitating con...
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