Since electricity is an energy carrier it can be

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Unformatted text preview: oil as well as our carbon emissions.> Plan decreases dependence on foreign oil Sires, Representative of the House, 11 (Albio, The Hill-blog of Congress,; DKE) [With dedicated funding, true high speed rail can become a reality and economic and environmental benefits can be realized. Constructing high speed rail will create new jobs and sustain long-term employment . New rail stations will spur economic development in the surrounding areas and promote livable communities. High speed rail also presents an opportunity to decrease our dependence on foreign oil.] Addressing this dependence independently prevents geopolitical upheavals beyond Iran over remaining oil reserves – an advanced high-speed rail system is the only realistic way to reduce oil dependence within the transportation sector Perl, professor of Urban Studies & Political Science @ Simon Fraser University in Canada, director of the Urb...
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