Solvency us hsr decreases oil dependence hsr solves

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Unformatted text preview: percent of the air/rail share of travel between Chicago and Milwaukee.21) Short flights use more fuel per mile than longer flights, since a plane uses much of its fuel in takeoff. A modernized passenger rail network in the future will also likely use less oil than American passenger rail service does today. The Midwest High Speed Rail Association estimates that a Midwestern rail network would reduce dependence on oil by 40 million barrels annually, or the amount of oil consumed by 2.9 million cars in a year.22 Moreover, a Midwestern rail system will save even more oil in coming decades as targeted portions of the network are converted to carry electric-powered trains. Currently, about 40 percent of American intercity passenger rail is pow- ered by electricity, while 80 percent of European rail service is electric.23 As the Midwestern rail system develops, plans call for electrifying key segments of the track, such as the proposed 220 mph route between Chicago and St. Louis.24 As train service becomes faster, more re...
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