States fail at high speed rail funding fiscal crises

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Unformatted text preview: the missing sink was in the ocean!” Earth, as we know it, dies. After this Venusian excursion in temperatures, the oxygen disappears into the soil, the oceans evaporate and are lost and the dead Earth loses its ozone layer completely. Earth is too far from the Sun for it to be the second Venus for long. Its atmosphere is slowly lost—as is its water—because of ultraviolet bombardment breaking up all the molecules apart from carbon dioxide. As the atmosphere becomes thin, the Earth becomes colder. For a short while temperatures are nearly normal, but the ultraviolet sears any life that tries to make a comeback. The carbon dioxide thins out to form a thin veneer with a few wispy clouds and dust devils. Earth becomes the second Mars—red, desolate, with perhaps a few hardy microbes surviving. Law Enforcement Disad States transportation funding trades off with education, law enforcement and public health Utt, Senior Research Fellow in the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation, 11 (Ronald, Time to End Obama’s High-Speed Rail Program, 2/11/2011, http://www.herit...
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