Strong buy american requirements will create tens of

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Unformatted text preview: work for tens of thousands more Americans. Vice President Biden cited those jobs when he and President Obama announced $8 billion in federal grants for high-speed rail this year in Tampa, Fla. "How can we, the leading nation in the world, be in a position where China, Spain, France - and name all the other countries - have rail systems that are far superior to ours?" After noting how high-speed trains would reduce congestion, cut pollution, and increase productivity, Biden said: "Most important, we're creating jobs - good jobs. Construction jobs. Manufacturing jobs. And we're going to be creating them right now. We're going to spur economic development in the future and we're making our communities more livable all in the process." A recent report by Duke University researchers estimated the number of jobs that U.S. rail spending would create: 24,000 construction and manufacturing jobs per $1 billion in capital investment, and 41,000 operation and maintenance jobs per $1 billion in operating investment. In Spain, the government's ambitious push to build Europe's largest high-speed network has created 600,0...
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