Szabo federal railroad administrator rail attracts

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Unformatted text preview: ion's strategy to use transportation to build the infrastructure needed to support a modern growing economy, while helping make our cities more livable, improve the environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said Joseph C. Szabo, Federal Railroad Administrator.) Rail attracts riders and is a reduced cost that is affordable Sitharam, Chairman India’s Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning, 2012 (T.G., Deccan Herald, ; DKE) [Rail promotes superior urban form and will attract new riders. It is very necessary to develop a commuter rail system using the existing network of the Indian Railways’ backbone and integrate the new metro system and the existing systems of public transport by buses for a supportive overall urban transport policy. This could also create a transit-oriented development with a long-term sustainable financing. The commuter rail system can have the same capacity as metro systems and still have the scope for running long-distan...
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