That amount of money would have been more than enough

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Unformatted text preview: ve most decisions in the hands of individuals pursuing their own preferences in a free market, leaving to policy makers the task of finding the best ways to accommodate those preferences as revealed in the marketplace.On the other side, one of the deeper issues for antisprawl advocates is their concern about the undue influence of powerful special interests and narrow-minded, wrongheaded professionals, all of whom stand beyond accountability. The anti-sprawl movement is fairly diverse, and advocates offer a wider range of possible antidotes. The one singled out by critics of the anti-sprawl position suggests putting decisions about the future of the built environment into the hands of right-minded professionals who can be trusted to ignore powerful special interests and act in the public interest. Others on the anti-sprawl side advocate changes in policy enacted through existing channels of public decisionmaking, perhaps supplemented by a greater degree of direct public participation in lo...
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