The ccp which disregards human life would not

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Unformatted text preview: years ahead. So the world spins. To be sure, cooperation often will not be easy, for fear as to Chinese intentions pervades Washington and suspicions of U.S. motives remain widespread here in China. Americans, for example, are particularly concerned at the size of the Chinese military budget and what Beijing intends to do with its modernized and expanded military capacity. Thus as Mr. Perry noted, increasing contacts between the militaries of the two countries, and each nation's clearer understanding of the defense policies and strategic intentions of the other, are essential . This was the particular importance of Mr. Perry's visit to the PLA gathering, a type of exchange both sides must foster in the future for everyone's good. Shortterm issues are not necessarily unimportant because they are short-term, but they must be worked out by each side having consistent policies the other can understand that look beyond short-term problems to longer-term interests. The high probability is that the United States and China will be the two superpowers o...
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