The eu us partnership includes not only political

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Unformatted text preview: ization is no longer restricted to Europe or collective security, it is not surprising that there is talk of opening up membership to the likes of Israel, Australia, and Japan. Those that opt not to be on board for a given mission are simply left behind. As van Ham argues: "NATO offers the United States the useful stamp of multilateral legitimacy without really imposing too many limits on America's foreign policy." Even when the major European countries participate in a NATO mission, this new kind of coalition is devoid of the unity and coherence that the old NATO had. Indeed, on the ground in Afghanistan differences within the coalition are so great that US, German, and Dutch units pursue different strategies in their respective sectors. This is a far cry for the all-for-one and one-for-all ethos that originally united the Atlantic Alliance. Part 2: The European Union's Soft Power There is also a lingering question of whether NATO is up to the job of keeping the peace in the North Atlantic area, its orig...
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