The us can be part of that future but if more states

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Unformatted text preview: neer with a few wispy clouds and dust devils. Earth becomes the second Mars—red, desolate, with perhaps a few hardy microbes surviving. Impact Module: Pollution Exts Congestion causes pollution The Traffic Flow Project, date unknown (PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR ROAD PRICING, pg 1;FAS) (Stopping and starting in traffic queues is bad for air pollution too. Traffic causes about 60% of our nitrogen emissions, while transport’s share of CO2 emissions is over 25% — more than twice the 1970 figure. Traffic pollution is worst in towns, where it has been blamed for the large rise in asthma and other diseases, particularly in children of school age) Congestion wastes gasoline-hurts environment and econ Fairfax County Chair’s Private Sector Energy Task Force, 2012 (Fairfax County Chair’s Private Sector Energy Task Force, Plugging Into the Future, June 28, 2012, July 2, 2012, pg 6; FAS) (Within Fairfax County, an estimated 38 gallons of fuel per capita were wasted in 2004 due to highway congestion, according to regional data published by the Texas Transpo...
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