The lack of effective high speed rail links in the

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Unformatted text preview: CP intends to wage a war against humankind in its desperate attempt to cling to life. That is the main theme of the speeches. Adv: US – EU Relations 1AC/2AC Add-On EU-US Relations have been sustained via economic interest – transportation infrastructure will be key to maintain that momentum. Jackson, Staff Writer for USA Today, 2006 (David, EU-US Relations: Allies or Antagonists, Februaury, 2006,, July 4, 2012; FAS) (The United States and the European Union often appear to be odds on a range of foreign policy issues from trade to security to combating terrorism... but historically and presently the two global powers actually agree on the majority of issues that affect day to day relations between them. When disputes arise on hot bottom issues, the division often appears deep and unbridgeable, although several recent events have found the two powers have at least common experiences, such as confronting terrorists, if not yet completely com...
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