The more nations there are in the alliance the larger

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Unformatted text preview: re the alliance is confronted with civilian, policing, and humanitarian duties that it cannot possibly carry out. Most of the European NATO member states in Afghanistan argue that stability is only going to be achieved through a strategy that combines education, rule of law programs, economic aid, and infrastructure projects. They underscore that the purpose of the international mission is to facilitate a hand over to the Afghans and to create conditions for reconstruction. Germany and Spain point out, for example, that Afghan poppy production -- and Afghanistan's bumper crops -cannot be checked by bombing campaigns, and that air strikes on poor Afghan farmers could well backfire, costing the force even more good will. But "counter-narcotics" is yet another category that has been added to NATO's to-do list. There is growing consensus that the Afghanistan mission is make-or-break for NATO and that, at the moment, the latter cannot be ruled out. The war in Afghanistan is only the most egregious example of NATO's dilemma. Whether it is cyberwar, peacekeepin...
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