The most heavily affected railroads are csx 2142

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Unformatted text preview: ed a top national priority. Permutation solves – cooperation on implementation is vital Ridlington & Kerth et al, policy analysts w/ the Frontier Group, environmental think tank in affiliation with the Public Interest Network, Fall 2010 [Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group – Elizabeth & Rob, Brian Imus & Bruce Speight, WISPIRG Foundation “Connecting the Midwest, - How a Faster Passenger Rail Network Could Speed Travel and Boost the Economy,” Accessed 6/1/12] SM The successful development of a Mid- western regional rail system will re- quire participation by multiple levels of government. In particular, states and the federal government will each have a significant role in the process . As with the highway system, federal funding will be required to make a high-speed rail network possible. Beyond providing these funds, the federal government will need to hold their recipients accountable, and tie the Midwest’s actions into a broader national strategy for rail. States, meanwhile, will have primary responsibility for develop- ing and implementing the plan for the rail system. States fail at High speed rail funding – fiscal crises Utt...
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