The shortage of qualified workers has been a serious

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Unformatted text preview: the tendency towards diversionary tactics are greater for democratic states than autocratic states, due to the fact that democratic leaders are generally more susceptible to being removed from office due to lack of domestic support. DeRouen (2000) has provided evidence showing that periods of weak economic performance in the United States, and thus weak Presidential popularity, are statistically linked to an increase in the use of force UQ: Manufacturing Industry at a Crisis Point Manufacturing sector on the brink – poised to expand Scott, 2008 (Robert E., The importance of manufacturing, February 13, 2008,, July 2, 2012, pg 4-5 ; FAS) The manufacturing sector has struggled to expand as the United States has become more integrated into the global marketplace. A lack of supportive U.S. trade and currency policies and inadequate industrial and energy policies harm the nation’s ability to meet future challenges that will require a solid manufacturing base. The sector is poised to play a key role in reduc...
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