Theres a need for complete streets where sidewalks

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Unformatted text preview: and some services, but often keeping a grocery store in these locations is a hard sell. So one of the effects of urban sprawl is that the road transportation system has to be lengthy, miles driven and traffic congestion are high, transit becomes cost-ineffective because overall density is low, and walking is nearly impossible in some suburban locations. There's a need for complete streets where sidewalks and bicycle accommodations are ample. Many people experience ugliness in the road dominance, incessant traffic, and excessive accommodation for automobiles through protruding garages and huge mostly vacant parking lots. It's a scene that mostly auto dealers and road building contractors love. But it's one of the effects of urban sprawl. The cost in auto accidents is very high too. It's not unusual for fatal accidents to occur at the intersection of two 40-mph arterial roads. In turn the accident rates cause higher automobile insurance costs, another cost attributable to the effects of urban spr...
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