They write the linkages between internal and external

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Unformatted text preview: for decades. Multifactor labor productivity growth averaged 4.6% per year in manufacturing between 1997 and 2005. 2 This was 60% greater than in the private, non-farm economy as a whole.3 Given the nexus between research and development and manufacturing, a vital manufacturing sector plays an important role in maintaining an innovative economy.) Economic decline causes great power wars—multiple studies Royal, Director of Cooperative Threat Reduction at the US Dept. of Defense, 10 [Jedidiah, “Economic Integration, Economic Signaling and the Problem of Economic Crisis,” Economics of War and Peace: Economic, Legal, and Political Perspectives, 2010 p. 205-224]bg Less intuitive is how periods of economic decline may increase the likelihood of external conflict . Political science literature has contributed a moderate degree of attention to the impact of economic decline and the security and defence behaviour of interdependent states. Research in this vein has been considered at systemic, dyadic and national levels. Several notable...
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