This agency should have a provision for private

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Unformatted text preview: n happen when a government suddenly starts throwing $100 billion at a gargantuan public works project, as China did with rail in 2008. Sleek as they may be, China s new fast trains are too expensive for ordinary workers to ride, so they are not achieving their ostensible goal of moving passengers from the roads to the rails. Last year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences asked the government to reconsider its high-speed rail plans because of the system s huge debts.] No Solvency - US politicians and labor unions will circumvent Chinese action Bradsher, Hong Kong bureau chief of The New York Times, covering Asian business, economic, political and science news, April 7, 2010 [New York Times – Keith, “China is Eager to Bring High Speed Rail to the US,” Transportation%20Topic/HSR%20Neg/, Accessed 6/9/12] SM Even if an agreement is reached for China to build and help bankroll a high-speed rail system in California, consi...
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