This is in effect the equivalent of an ongoing

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Unformatted text preview: ailed to study how the project would affect low-income and minority transit riders.] Poverty is a structural violence that creates a cycle of oppression where certain lives are prioritized over others. Gilligan, (Dept. of Psych. @ Harvard Med & Dir. of the Center for the Study of Violence) 1996 [James, Violence: Our Deadly Epidemic and its Causes p. 191-196] You cannot work for one day with the violent people who fill our prisons and mental hospitals for the criminally insane without being forcibly and constantly reminded of the extreme poverty and discrimination that characterize their lives. Hearing about their lives, and about their families and friends, you are forced to recognize the truth in Gandhi’s observation that the deadliest form of violence is poverty. Not a day goes by without realizing that trying to understand them and their virulent behavior in purely individual terms is impossible and wrong-headed. Any theory of violence, especially a psychological theory, that evolves from the experience of...
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