This is understandable but the very scale of the

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Unformatted text preview: Department of Transportation, using this broader approach to estimating emissions, calculates an annual greenhouse gas reduc- tion of between 318,000 and 526,000 tons from improvements planned over the next 20 years.58 When tracks are upgraded for better passenger rail service, freight traffic needs are considered as well, allowing freight trains to travel faster, more frequently and with fewer delays. Rail transport is much more fuel-efficient than truck transport for freight—various studies estimate that train transport is three to nine times as efficient as truck transport for the same amount of freight.59 The resulting fuel sav- ings add to the emissions reductions from improving passenger rail . Already, federal funding allocated through the Recovery Act will allow for the construction of a new railroad bridge for westbound trains out of Chicago, adding capacity at a critical chokepoint in the city’s rail network.60 Chicago is the nation’s largest freight rail hub —40 percent of the nation’s freight passes...
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